There is a Vietnamese proverb that says, “However sharp a knife may be, it cannot cut its own handle.”  In other words, we may have an amazing ability to advise others on their life’s journey, yet, independently we seldom see our own delineated path.  A Sage is someone gifted with spiritual clairvoyance who has the ability to see your Essence—your true self—and assist you as you navigate with Spirit to your unique life’s Purpose.  I invite you to explore SageEssence and take empowering steps towards fulfilling your life’s Purpose.

The Art of Saging - Learn more about what Saging is and its role in connecting with your Spirit
My Story - My personal journey to become a Sage
Sage Advice - Contact me for ways to fulfill your life's Purpose
As you explore my website, may whatever Essence that has led you, speak to you and move you towards spiritual centering. Wishing you a Saged life journey!


The Art of Saging My Story Sage Advice